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Configure an ADDP connection to Config Server

Web Engagement Server normally uses standardized Genesys ADDP properties to connect to Genesys servers. However, a successful ADDP connection to Config Server may require extra configuration information, especially when a Config Server connection is not explicitly specified for the Web Engagement Cluster application. This is because the ADDP configuration information is stored on the Config Server—so you can't read it until after you have connected.

To configure your Web Engagement Server to use ADDP for its initial Config Server connection, you must modify your launcher.ini or setenv.sh file:

  1. Navigate to the installation directory for your Web Engagement Server and open the server\launcher.ini file (for Windows) or the server\setenv.sh file (for Linux) with a text editor.
  2. For Windows:
    1. Find the line that starts with -Dwcc.primaryConfServer=. It configures parameters of connection to the config server, including ADDP.
    2. Change parameters to the level you want
  3. For Linux:
    1. Find the line that starts with USE_ADDP= and set the value to true
    2. Find the line that starts with ADDP_TRACE_MODE= and set the value to local, remote, or both. This will enable logging for ADDP-related events.
  4. Save your changes.
  5. Restart Web Engagement Server to apply changes.
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