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Page Resource


The page resource is created when the visitor enters a page (upon the PageEntered event). If the visitor leaves the page, and later visits the page again, a new page resource is created. For further information about events, see Event Resource.

Resource Details

Field Type Mandatory Description
pageID string yes The unique ID of the page resource.
url string yes The page URL.
browserPageID string yes The browser page ID; another page identifier unique across the visit.
pageExitedDate long no Date at which the user left the page. 0 means that the user did not leave the page already.
pageEnteredDate long no Date at which the user entered the page.
category string no Associated category, if any.
title string no Page title.
  • true
  • false
no true if this is the first page entered for the current visit.
eventIds string[] no IDs of the associated events.
events event[] no Array of the associated events.

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"category":"","title":"404 - Not found","first":false}
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