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Assorted Notes about Migration

Assorted Notes About Migration to GVP 8.5

Read all the topics in this section first.

  • 64-Bit Installation Packages: GVP 8.1.5 and above support 64-bit operating systems (Windows and Linux) running 64-bit processes. If you plan to migrate to the 64-bit installation packages (IPs) from GVP 8.1.4 or older, you must perform a fresh installation of all IPs. You cannot migrate the 32-bit IPs to 64-bit.
  • For optimal performance, Genesys recommends that you use 64-bit IPs on 64-bit operating systems.
  • Installing the the Media Control Platform also creates a shared directory:
    C:\var\www\gvp\mcp in Windows
    /var/www/gvp/mcp in Linux.
  • Windows automatically creates a virtual directory named mcp on the Internet Information Service (IIS) Web Server; it is really a pointer to the shared directory.
  • For Linux, you must create the virtual directory manually following the Post-Installation Configuration of GVP Components: procedures in the GVP 8.5 Deployment Guide.
  • Starting with GVP 8.1.4, installing the IIS web server is no longer required, because the ASR grammar that is hosted on the web server prior to 8.1.4 is now sent to the ASR engine as inline-grammar in the MRCP request. However, if the [mpc]inlinegrammar_by_url configuration option is set to true (default is false), the pre-8.1.4 behavior is restored and the user must set up the virtual directory correctly for speech recognition to work properly.
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