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Quick Reference for Desktop Phones

Print this Quick Reference sheet and post it near your phone.

To connect from your desktop phone

Press the voicemail key (if present on your phone), otherwise dial the voicemail access number, then enter your password (if required).

To connect from a remote phone

Call the voicemail access number, press 1, enter your mail box number, enter your password.

Managing Your Mailbox

While listening to your messages, you can:

  • Press 1 to rewind 10 seconds.
  • Press 2 to pause or resume.
  • Press 3 to forward 10 seconds.
  • Press 4 to go to a voice menu, which lists all possible commands in this mode.
  • Press 5 to hear envelope information (message length in H:M:S / Caller ID of sender).
  • Press 7 to delete.
  • Press # to go to the next message.
  • Press * to cancel and return to main menu.

Telephone Access Flowchart

Telephone Access Flowchart

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