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General Operations

Unless the system is being deployed as part of a managed hosting solution, day-to-day maintenance of the servers and database is the responsibility of the customer. It is recommended that the servers are managed in line with your standard server management processes.

Server Access

To allow Genesys to properly support the solution, customers must provide Genesys with remote access to all servers which have part of the Genesys Skills Management (GSM) solution installed. This should be via Terminal services connections or similar.


See the Genesys Skills Management Automated Install and Upgrade Guide for details on installation and prerequisites.

Managing IIS

Application Pools

By default, each web application and service will run in its own application pool. These pools should be largely self-managing, and require no direct intervention. However, if the account or password for the account which the application is installed changes, it will be necessary to update the application pools with the correct credentials so that the application continues to function as expected.

Log Files

IIS Log files will be generated by the application. These can be managed using your standard policies for log retention and cleaning.

Ports Required for Operation

See Firewall Requirements topic for information about the communication required between the different servers.

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