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Installed Applications and Databases

Genesys Skills Management (GSM) is built using Microsoft technologies based on the .Net framework. Applications are written using C#, ASP .Net and JavaScript. Data is stored in SQL Server databases, and accessed using Entity Framework, ADO .Net and stored procedures. All communication uses standard protocols.

Client Windows Application

GSM includes a client application built in .Net that is installed via an Executable package. This tool is primarily used by Training Managers, Planners or Schedulers.

Scheduled Tasks and Windows Services

GSM includes a number of scheduled tasks which run regularly for a variety of background processing tasks. In a load balanced environment, they are typically configured to run on only one application server, or on a dedicated background processing server.

Name Type Location Purpose Notes
Skills Management WFM Hierarchy Refresh Scheduled Task Application server or dedicated background processing server Connects to the work force management system to download WFM hierarchy data, for use in Portal. Typically runs nightly but may run more frequently if the WFM data is changing rapidly. In multi-server installations, the task should only run on 1 server.
QMedia Sync Service Scheduled Task Application server or dedicated background processing server Ensures that media files which were uploaded to one application server are synchronised to others in the load balance group. Typically configured to run every 2 or 3 minutes. Only needed in multi-server installations where suitable shared file storage is not available. Runs on one of the servers and syncs to the others.
Skills Management Invoker Service Windows Service Application server or dedicated background processing server Runs regular background tasks In multi-server installations, the task should one run on 1 server.
DNA Import Service Windows Service Application server or dedicated background processing server Responsible for automated import of KPI and DNA data. Typically imports new data nightly, but this depends on the frequency of availability of new data.

Web Applications

GSM includes two main web applications and they are Performance DNA and Training Manager Portal. They run on IIS and are written in .NET There are also a number of micro services which are used to support the functionality of the web and windows applications. (see GSM Architecture diagram for more information)

Application/Web Server Security

A windows account is needed when GSM is installed. This should be a dedicated service account, with password set to never expire. The privileges required for this account are documented in Prerequistes topic in Genesys Skills Management Automated Install and Upgrade Guide.

Database Security Objects

GSM uses two accounts – one during the installation/upgrade process and one during day to day running. This allows the account used for day-to-day running to run with a lower level of privileges, while still allowing the installer to create and modify the database schemas as necessary.


The automated installer creates and updates all databases. If the databases already exist, the installer will try to upgrade them to the most recent version. By default, the databases that are created with the following names:

  • Performance DNA
  • Training Manager
  • Orgdata
  • GSM Reports
  • SKM Sessions

Unless point in time restore is specifically a requirement it is recommended that the databases are configured to use simple recovery model.

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