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Changing Service Account Password

Software product name Skills Management
Version Number 8.5.x and Above
Subject Changing Service Account Password


  • Web Service errors when logging into the websites
  • 401 Authentication errors when connecting to Exchange
  • Unable to validate security certificates


Web Service errors when logging into the websites

  • Open Internet Information Services (IIS),
    • Navigate to the Application Pools.
    • Right click on the Application Pool and select Advance Settings
      • Click on the ... next to the username listed under Identity to change the user details
  • repeat for all of the Skills Management Application Pools

401 Authentication errors when connecting to Exchange

  • Log into Performance DNA / Training Manager Portal as an Administrator
  • Navigate to Systems Settings
    • On the General tab update the account details used for the Exchange integration.
    • Click Test Exchange Settings to validate the new credentials
  • Click Save at the bottom of the page

If the Exchange / Outlook account has changed the Config file for the Email Messaging application my also need updating.

Unable to validate security certificates

This issue is generally caused by the login / Security services having incorrect user details and is resolved by updating the Application Pool user details.

Other credentials to check

The Windows server Invoker Service may also require a password update.

  • Open the Services Window and locate the Invoker Service.
  • Right click and select Properties
  • In the Logon tab enter the updated user details.

Scheduled Tasks

  • Open the Task Scheduler application.
  • Open the Task Library and locate the schedule tasks
  • Right click and select properties
  • Update the Security Options with the new user details.

Repeat for all Skills Management tasks.

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