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Teleopti Orgdata Tips

Software product name PerformanceDNA
Version Number 8.5.x and Above
Subject Teleopti Orgdata Tips


  • WFM users not being imported by Orgdata.
  • Agents not being Placed under their Manager in the User Hierarchy
  • User data missing from import


WFM users not being imported by Orgdata

In order for Orgdata to pull user data from Teleopti WFM the User must be in a Site and Team. Due to the API calls Orgdata can only request User data based on Site and Team assignment.

Agents not being Placed under their Manager in the User Hierarchy

There are 3 possible causes of User Hierarchy not being built correctly:

  1. The LMPositionID field in Orgdata is not mapped to the WFM User field that contains the Agent's Manager's Employee ID.
  2. The PositionID field in Orgdata is not mapped to the Employee ID field from WFM.
  3. WFM has not had the Manager's Employee ID entered against the Agent in the correct Optional Column.

User data missing from import

The most common cause for missing data is a mismatch in the mapping of the Orgdata fields with WFM. Most issues can be resolved by checking the field/column names in the Orgdata Config XML for spelling and formatting errors such as:

  • "'EmployeID'" rather than "'EmployeeID'"
  • "'LeadEmploymentID'" rather than "'Lead Employment ID'"

When mapping Orgdata fields to WFM User data fields the field/column names must match exactly. Some WFM Optional Columns may contain spaces or special characters.

General Tips

  • Employee ID is mandatory and must be unique, if duplicates are found the Orgdata process will stop and the import will fail.
  • Optional Columns can often have a rouge <space> at the beginning or end of the name causing a mapping mismatch.
  • When creating the Import Template the field that maps to LoginID must contain unique values. Duplicates will cause the push of data to Competence Manager (Performance DNA) to fail.

Sample Orgdata Config file Mapping

          <Source Type="Wfm" ID="1" MergeMethod="Append">
                  <Mapping Field="Username" WfmField="EmployeeId" />
                  <Mapping Field="EmployeeID" WfmField="EmployeeId" IsKey="true" />
                  <Mapping Field="PositionID" WfmField="EmployeeId"/>
                  <Mapping Field="WfmUserId" WfmField="UserId" />
                  <Mapping Field="FirstName" WfmField="FirstName" />
                  <Mapping Field="LastName" WfmField="LastName" />
                  <Mapping Field="Email" WfmField="Email" />
                  <Mapping Field="LMPositionID" WfmField="Team Manager ID" />
                  <Mapping Field="Site" WfmField="Site" />
                  <Mapping Field="Team" WfmField="Team" />
                  <Mapping Field="TrainingPlannerRole" WfmField="Training Planner Role" />
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