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Genesys Rules System 101—8.5 Video Topics

The following video topics show how to create a simple template from scratch in GRDT, publish it to GRAT, create a rule package and finally connect with the Composer Business Rules block to use the evaluation decision in a workflow. The use case is a simple call treatment flow which uses the customer's segment and call intention to make business decisions about how to route the contact.

You can follow the videos in sequence as they appear in these tables.

Part 1 - Building a template in GRDT

Name Description Link Duration
Creating a template project Setting up the Eclipse/Composer environment, initial configuration and creating a template project 7.59
Building the Fact Model Building the Facts (data) that will be passed in by the application for evaluation by the rules engine. 5.32
Creating Enumerations Creating Enumerations (static lists) that the rule author will select from in GRAT to build a rule. 2:13
Creating Parameters Creating the Parameters that will be used in Conditions and Actions 7:11
Creating Conditions Creating the Conditions that the rule author will select from in GRAT to build a rule. 5:23
Creating Actions Creating the Actions that the rule author will select from in GRAT to build a rule. 6:18
Publishing Publishing the template from GRDT to GRAT to enable the rule author to use it. 2:11

Part 2 - Building a Rule Package and Rule in GRAT

Name Description Link Duration
Getting Started Creating a rule package. 5.32
Creating a Linear Rule How to create a simple linear rule. 6.43
Creating a Decision Table Rule How to create a Decision Table rule. 4.35
Creating Test Scenarios Creating scenarios for testing rules. 8.31
Deploying the Rule Package How to deploy the rule package to a rules engine that will execute the rule(s). 3.10

Part 3 - Using Composer to execute a rule block

Name Description Link Duration
Getting Started First steps in creating a Composer workflow that will use the rule. 3.26
Creating a New Composer Project Setting up the Composer workflow project. 10.16
Testing the Rule Block Testing the new rule block 2:21

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