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Working with Business Calendars

In release 8.5.302, a new template and rule package are delivered that contains some business calendar definitions and examples to help you to understand and work with business calendars.

You can find the new deliverables here:

  • samples/Business Calendar/template
  • samples/Business Calendar/rule package

You can use this template to:

  • Define a business calendar
  • Access it from a rule (conditions/actions)
  • Create test scenarios that show the different responses (normal, holiday, exception)

This sample rule template can be used standalone, or can be incorporated into your own template to provide business calendar functions.


Click the graphics to enlarge them.

  1. Import the template and rule package. You should see this:

  2. Make sure that the bizcal rule package is selected and click the Business Calendars node in the left navigation pane to display the sample business calendar fot the bizcal package.


    One Business Calendar is defined that represents a standard work week plus typical holidays.
  3. Click again on the bizcal node, then select the Rules tab. You should see this:


  4. Sample rules are configured that would set a result for normal day, normal hours, holidays and exception days. This rule package could be used to provide either:
    • A standalone HOOPs service that could be queried externally to determine whether it was currently a work day, weekend, holiday, and so on: or;
    • A set of conditions that could be used in conjunction with other conditions/actions—such as:
    “When today is a business day AND Customer Segment is Gold”…

    You could then create a test scenario (or series of them) to simulate different times and days to see the results from the business calendar rule.

  5. To view and work with the sample test scenarios in this sample template, click the Test Scenarios node. You should see this:

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