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GRS/Composer Process Flow

Basic Relationships and Flow


One.png Create a template using the GRDT.

Two.png Create a rule package in GRAT and deploy it to the GRE.

Three.png The deployed rule package arrives to GRE and awaits evaluation requests from Composer's Business Rules block.

Four.png Composer's Business Rules block sends evaluation requests to GRE.

Five.png GRE returns the results in a variable to Composer's Business Rule block.


It is possible to:

  • Create a template from scratch in GRDT and publish to GRAT.
  • Import a template project into GRDT, optionally make some modifications, publish to GRAT (for example, the sample from Genesys Proactive Engagement).
  • Import a template XML file into GRAT (eg, sample from Conversation Rules or iWD) and use it directly. If you want to modify the template, you can import into GRDT using the GRS Server Explorer window, modify, the publish it to GRAT.

|Importing/Exporting Templates

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