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Mobile Push Notifications

Native Push (Notification Service)

If you are using push notification service, the configurations detailed here should be implemented; however these steps are not mandatory to complete your GMS installation. See also Push Notification Service for more information.

Some services send native push messages to the mobile device. For this to work, both general and device-specific settings need to be configured correctly in the push section of your Genesys Mobile Services Application object.

Information.png Options set in the push section determine how all push notifications are handled by Genesys Mobile Services, regardless of which service is sending the notification.

Note that it is possible to configure this native push notification service for more than one type of device by using a comma-delimited string in the pushEnabled option. In this case, be sure to configure the mandatory options for all available device types.

GMS multi-device notification.png
GMS iOS notification.png

Common Device Settings:

  • pushEnabled – Device operating system.
  • defaultSubscriptionExpiration
  • customhttp.url

Mandatory iOS Device Settings:

  • debug.apple.keystore - Location of the debug keystore holding the certificates for push notification.
  • debug.apple.keystorePassword - Password for the debug keystore.
  • apple.keystore - Location of the production keystore holding the certificates for push notification.
  • apple.keystorePassword - Password for the production keystore.

Note: The specified location of the Apple iOS push keystore is environment specific, and must be configured based on your environment for iOS push notification to work.

Mandatory Android GCM Device Settings:

For additional detail about these options and the allowed values, see the push Section documentation.

Mandatory Android C2DM Device Settings:

Note: Google has deprecated the C2DM Service, and no new users are being accepted. Please use the GCM Service, described above.

  • android.senderEmail - Name of a valid mail account. (Notifications are sent on behalf of this account.)
  • android.senderPassword - Password of mail account specified in android.senderEmail.
  • android.senderAccountType - Specified when initializing C2DM push service.
  • android.source - Specified when sending push notifications.
  • android.collapseKey - An arbitrary string used to collapse a group of like messages when the device is offline, so that only the last message gets sent to the client.

Mandatory customhttp Settings:

  • customhttp.url - http://xxxx/xx
  • pushEnabled - comet,gcm,customhttp,orscb,ios
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