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Service Management Help


Genesys Mobile Services (GMS) includes a Service Management User Interface, where you can manage services and also access dedicated interfaces for Callback and Context Services.

Before you can access this UI, first install GMS. See the deployment instructions here.

Admin UI


The Admin UI gives you access to an administrator console, where you can:

Mobile Engagement


The Mobile Engagement Interface is the new user-friendly, web-based interface that is intended to be used by administrators and supervisors to:



If you installed and configured Callback, this interface enables you to:

  • Create a Callback record
  • Manage your callbacks

Context Services


If you installed and enabled Context Services, the Context Services interface enables you to:

Journey Timeline


If you installed and enabled Context Services, the Journey Timeline interface enables you to:

Learn About Scenarios

GMS provides service templates and their scenarios that you can load in the Mobile Engagement UI, and then access through REST queries. All callback related scenarios are detailed in the Callback Solution Guide.

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