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New In This Release

Check out the new features that have been added in the latest releases of Genesys Mobile Services.

New in Release 8.1.1


  • Improved Chat Support - Genesys Mobile Services now provides the ability to create a chat interaction on any service.
  • Internal Poke Message - Genesys Mobile Services now provides the ability to create an internal poke message to be sent via push notification by an agent to the mobile device.
  • Resource Booking Timeout - Genesys Mobile Services now provides the ability to control the resource booking timeout.


  • CometD - Genesys Mobile Services now provides HTTP-based events using CometD.
  • Chat Support - Genesys Mobile Services now includes a Chat API, which customer-facing applications can use to create and manage a chat session associated with contact center-related services when used with Genesys Chat Server.
  • Improved OS Support - Genesys Mobile Services now provides support for the following operating systems:
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 64-bit
    • Windows Server 2008 64-bit
  • Google Cloud Messaging - The push notification service now supports Google Cloud Messaging (GCM).
  • Push Notification Localization - Push notification now supports localized messages. The language specified during subscription is used to retrieve content from a custom XML file that is specified by the localizationFileLocation option.
  • Improved Genesys Mobile Services API Security - Includes the ability to hide sensitive data in logs, and take advantage of client-side port definition when connecting to Genesys Servers.
  • Counters and Monitoring Support - This release provides support for displaying counters and monitoring Genesys Mobile Services nodes.

New in Release 8.1.0

Documentation Improvements

  • Updated deployment information.
    • Deployment Prequisites - At least 4 GB RAM is required for this product to run properly.
    • Configuring - Updated to better reflect changes to Genesys Mobile Services.
  • Service name updates have been fixed throughout documentation, including in call flow diagrams.
  • Genesys Mobile Services Developer's Guide
    • Additional information provided about Genesys Mobile Services samples.
    • Samples now available to download from Sample Resources.


  • Enhanced OS Support:
    • Windows Server 2003, 32-bit
    • Windows Server 2008, 32-bit and 64-bit compatibility
  • API Updates—API naming conventions have been adjusted to be more intuitive and consistent. (See table below for a list of service names that have been updated with this release.)
  • Enhancements to Push Notification Services for iOS and Android—This release includes support for the sending different types of message content (such as images or audio) and adds OS-specific attributes that can be associated and passed with the notification message.
  • Mobile Client Samples—Code samples are now available from the Genesys Mobile Services Developer's Guide.
Service Name Updates for Release
Build .23 Build .30
a2c-basic request-interaction
a2c-match match-interaction
a2c-reserve-accessinfo request-access
a2c-advanced-sync request-inbound-immediate
a2c-advanced-async request-inbound-delay
a2c-advanced-poll request-inbound-poll
a2c-advanced-async-location request-inbound-delay-location
a2c-advanced-sync-enterprise-initiated request-outbound-immediate
a2c-advanced-async-enterprise-initiated request-outbound-delay
a2c-advanced-poll-enterprise-initiated request-outbound-poll


  • Connect using Mobile Apps—Genesys Mobile Services allows mobile customers to connect with your contact center, automatically associating mobile contextual data with the phone call in order to improve the customer experience. Call timing can optionally be postponed until an agent is available to attend the call.
  • Informed Access Number Selection—The phone number used to call your contact center can be chosen for each individual inbound call, based on mobile contextual data, such as customer location.
  • Customer Location—Part of the mobile contextual data is customer location. For instance, customer location can be displayed on a map for the agent attending the call.
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