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Deploying Genesys Mobile Services in Your Environment

This deployment guide can be used to install Genesys Mobile Services on your system, configure basic settings, and verify the installation. It includes chapters with the following information:

  • New In This Release — An overview of new features and improvements included with each release of Genesys Mobile Services.
  • Planning information — Details related to planning and preparation for your Genesys Mobile Services installation, including prerequisites and links to related information. Genesys recommends reading this page before you begin to ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements for Genesys Mobile Services.
  • Installation procedures — Step-by-step guide to installing Genesys Mobile Services on your computer.
  • Configuration guidelines — An overview of the configuration options you will use to get Genesys Mobile Services running in your environment.

Next Steps

After you have successfully installed Genesys Mobile Services, you might want to do the following:

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