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Changes to User Data Tables and Fields

DevGuide2.png Purpose: To provide a high-level description of changes to user data tables in the Info Mart 8.x schema.

Release 8.x provides a unified mechanism for processing user data from both EventUserEvents and call-based TEvents, with flexible data storage that you can configure according to the number and types of user data that is captured in your contact center environment. Genesys Info Mart 8.x also processes the user data that arrives after call completion and updates call records accordingly.

A customizable database schema enables you to treat each KVP field as either a fact or a dimension and to store user-data KVPs in a configurable number of user-data dimensions and fact extension tables. In particular, low-cardinality string user data that is associated with the interaction resource can now be linked to the facts through the new IRF_USER_DATA_KEYS table and stored in a large number of the USER_DATA_CUST_DIM_* dimensions. Numeric user data and high-cardinality string user data that is associated with the interaction resource can now be stored in the new, predefined IRF_USER_DATA_GEN_1 table as well as in any number of IRF_USER_DATA_CUST_* fact extension tables that you can add to the schema.

The INTERACTION_DESCRIPTOR table is provided with the default schema to store Genesys-defined, low-cardinality KVPs, such as service type and customer segment. This table requires no customization.

The following new tables facilitate user data processing:


The USER_DATA and USER_DATA2 tables that existed in Genesys Info Mart release 7.x, as well as attached-data related fields in the INTERACTION_RESOURCE_FACT table, need to be replaced with new predefined and/or custom tables and keys in the Info Mart 8.x database.

For information about the user data template script and instructions on how to add custom user data tables to the schema, refer to the Genesys Info Mart 8.0 Deployment Guide. For description of the 8.x user data tables, refer to the Genesys Info Mart 8.0 Database Reference Manual for your particular RDBMS.

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