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Tables that Changed in Release 8

DevGuide2.png Purpose: To provide the list of tables that have been changed significantly in release 8.x.

The tables listed in this article have been preserved in the Genesys Info Mart database schema in release 8.x, but have been modified beyond the changes to the audit-, time-, and purging-related fields that were typical for the tables presented in Tables with Limited Changes.

Types of Changes

The following Type of Change notation is used for the tables for which the changes are documented at the database column level:

  • No Change when the column has not changed between releases 7.6 and 8.x.
  • Retired when no replacement column is provided in the 8.x schema.
  • Moved when the same column has been placed into another table, either new or previously existent.
  • Replaced when the data that the column provided is now available in another column, either new or previously existent, or through calculations.
  • Changed when the column has changed in any other way. For example, the list of available values may have been modified (value changed), or the same data is presented in a different format (format changed), or the column name and location remains the same, but the data stored in the column has been enhanced or modified (meaning changed).

List of Tables with Significant Changes

Use the links below to access information about changes in the following tables presented at the field level:


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