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Installing Content Analyzer Plug-in for GAX


  • Genesys Administrator Extension (GAX) or higher
  • UCS or later
  • Classification Server or later
  • If the a previous version of Content Analyzer Plug-in for GAX was installed on the current host, uninstall that version.

Create a Zip File

  1. Create a temporary folder on your desktop.
  2. Copy the IP folder from the original location (typically, the product CD) into the temporary folder.
  3. Copy the templates folder from the original location into the temporary folder.
  4. Zip the temporary folder.

Alternatively, contact Genesys Customer Care to obtain the required Zip file containing the installation package and associated templates.

Install with the GAX Installation Wizard

  1. Add the following option to the Application Options tab of the Genesys Administrator Extension (GAX) Application object:
    • Section name: asd
    • Option name: plugin_ip_list
    • Option value: CntAnlzPlgnAdm64 (Windows host) or CntAnlzPlgnAdm (Linux host)
    This option is also used by eServices Manager Plug-in for GAX and Privacy Manager Plug-in for GAX. If you are running both Privacy Manager and eServices Manager with Content Analyzer, the value can be a comma-separated list; for example, eSMngrPlgnAdm,PrivacyMng,CntAnlzPlgnAdm
  2. Restart GAX.
  3. Upload the Content Analyzer installation package (IP). If you previously uploaded the IP, you must do so again now.
  4. Carry out the plug-in installation process.
  5. Restart GAX.


  1. Create an Application for Content Analyzer with the type Application Cluster.
  2. Add tenants to the Content Analyzer Application.
  3. Specify the Host and Port. The Application Cluster application object and the GAX application must be configured with the same host in order to enable mutual TLS connections.
  4. Connect the Content Analyzer Application to UCS and Classification Server.
  5. Configure these connections: TLS, ADDP, and so on.
  6. Navigate to the GAX Application and specify the Content Analyzer Application name as the value of the app-name option in the [gax-content-analyzer] section.
  7. If you need multi-language support, set the UTF-8 JVM parameter for all Java components (UCS, GAX Server, Browser) in the corresponding .ini file (or .bat file if you start the component from command line):
    ini file: [JavaArgs] -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 ...
    bat file: set JAVA_OPTS=%JAVA_OPTS% -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 ...
  8. Restart GAX.
On multi-language support: In the GAX User Preference window (under the Preferences menu), Use system settings refers to using the settings in the System Preferences window. It does not refer to the Region and Language setting of the host machine.

If Use system settings is selected in the Language field of GAX's Locale User Preferences, it refers to the language that is selected in the Language field of System Preferences. Note that if you want to have any language other than English available in these fields, you must install the relevant language pack plug-in.

Role-Based Access

To grant a user access to the GAX menu and Content Analyzer Plug-in for GAX, assign the following privileges to the users in GAX:

  • COM/Access Configmanager
  • content-analyzer/Content Analyzer Plug-in for GAX Access
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