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Interaction Server Limitations

  • Interaction Server does not support the following requests:
    • RequestQueryServer
    • RequestQueryLocation
    • RequestDeletePair (when URS sends this request after RequestRouteCall)
  • It is not desirable to run Interaction Server in an environment in which servers and clients differ as to the codepages used (by operating systems or databases). In such an environment, characters of non-Latin alphabets may appear as the symbol ? (question mark) in log files and in applications with a user interface, such as Agent Desktop. The functionality of other features of the solution may also be restricted or compromised.
  • Making an on-the-fly change to the host or port specification (on the Server Info tab) of a backup Interaction Server will cause it to exit.
  • When Interaction Server sends a database request right before disconnecting from DB Server, and the request executes after disconnecting, Interaction Server fails to generate events to clients for submitted interactions.
  • Starting in release 8.1.3, the scripts supplied with Interaction Server for Oracle databases create the flexible_properties field with the type BLOB. To support this feature, you must use DB server 8.1.1 and above with Oracle client 10.2 and above.
  • You cannot use commas ( , ) and semicolons ( ; ) in interaction queue names.
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