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Knowledge Manager Administration

Basic Limitations

For Knowledge Manager, observe the following limitations:

  • Categories: 3,500 categories
  • Standard responses: 50 per category
  • Attachments: 20 per standard response, 5 MB per attachment
  • Field codes: 1,000
  • Screening rules: 1,000
  • Training objects: 200,000 e-mails, 20 KB per e-mail, 510 B for each e-mail’s subject field

Screen Resolution

For Knowledge Manager to operate correctly, you must set a minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 1020.

Memory Allocation

You can adjust the memory size that Java allocates for Knowledge Manager processes by using the parameter -Xmx1000m in the following line in the .bat file:

start "Knowledge Manager" /b "%GES_HOME%\jre\bin\javaw" 
-Xmx1000m -classpath %CLASSPATH% -Djava.security.manager 
-Djava.security.policy=.\java.policy Genesys.iknow.manager.TM_start %*

-Xmx1000m means that 1,000 MB is allocated for Knowledge Manager; changing this number changes the allocation. The following considerations bear on adjusting this parameter.

  • In some cases, Knowledge Manager does not work when you attempt to launch it from a machine that has a remote connection to the host of Knowledge Manager. As a workaround, lower the value of -Xmx1000m to -Xmx512m. In the unlikely event that this does not work, try a further decrease to -Xmx256m.
  • You may want to adjust this parameter for better performance with large training objects (see See Large Training Objects), or before importing or exporting large files. For DB2 and Oracle, see also the recommendations in Adjusting Database Configuration below.

However, if this parameter is too low, it may impose limits on Knowledge Manager lower than those listed in Basic Limitations above. If so, you can consider increasing this parameter.

There is a similar issue with UCS.

Adjusting Database Configuration

To prevent problems when using Knowledge Manager to import or export very large files, Genesys has the following recommendations about database configuration.

  • For DB2, do as follows:
    1. In the DB2 Control Center, select System > Instance > Databases.
    2. Select the database desired.
    3. Right-click the desired database.
    4. In the resulting shortcut menu, select Configure.
    5. In the resulting dialog box, select Logging.
    6. Increase the number of files and/or file size.
  • For Oracle, use Enterprise Manager to increase the number of rollback segments. Refer to Oracle documentation for details.
  • For Microsoft SQL, no special configuration is needed.
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