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Customize Contact Identification per Media Type

You can control how contacts are identified for interactions of a specific media type (of course, the interactions must have a valid media type specified in their user data).

  1. In Configuration Manager, open the Properties window for the desired media type and go to its Annex tab.
  2. Create a contact-searchable-attributes section.
  3. In this section, create an option for each contact attribute that you want UCS to use in contact identification for this media type.
    Any such attribute must either be one on the default list or have the is-searchable option with a value of TRUE.

The options that you create must have the following characteristics:

  • The name duplicates the attribute’s system name (displayed in the Name box of the Properties window, not the Display Name box); for example, PhoneNumber rather than Phone Number.
  • The value has the form "level=<integer>;mandatory=<Boolean>", where
    • <integer> is an integer from 0–127 setting the attribute’s priority.
    • If <Boolean> is TRUE, this attribute must be present (that is, it must have a value) for matching to occur.
    • If <Boolean> is FALSE, this attribute need not be present (that is, it may lack a value) for matching to occur.

The following figure shows an example.  

Media Type Configured for Contact Identification

With the configuration in the preceding figure,

  • UCS returns an error if no PhoneNumber value is present. It does this even if FirstName and LastName values are available, because PhoneNumber is the attribute with highest priority (0) and is defined as mandatory.
  • If multiple matching records are found with a given PhoneNumber value, UCS uses FirstName and LastName together to discriminate because they have the same priority (2).
  • If there is no LastName value, UCS does not use FirstName alone, because LastName is specified as mandatory in this level. Instead, the list of records matching PhoneNumber only is returned. This avoids identification based on FirstName only.
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