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Multilingual Processing in Chat Server

Genesys Chat can process multiple languages simultaneously, including:

  • Chat transcript messages, with no restrictions. The data is transferred in UTF-16.
  • Attached data (such as first name, last name, subject, and so on) and ESP messages (submitting messages to chat session from the strategy). The data is transferred in UTF-8. There are the following limitations:
    • Chat Server, Interaction Server, and URS must be deployed on a UNIX platform running under the UTF-8 locale. Windows is not supported.
    • Unless UCS is running on UNIX with the UTF-8 locale, its startup script must be configured to use -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8.
    • Desktops—Genesys Desktop supports UTF-8, which also must be configured in the startup script. Interaction Workspace and Workspace Desktop Edition can be configured to enforce the encoding that is used when they communicate with non-Unicode back-end servers.
    • Web API Server—To handle multiple languages, Web API Server must also be configured with the UTF-8 encoding. Web page headers must be updated to support UTF-8. Web samples must be modified to use request.getParameter(<param name>) rather than i18nsupport.GetSubmitParametr(request, <param name>).
    • Routing strategies cannot contain string constants in multiple encodings, so such data (for example, for sending a message to a chat session) must be obtained from some external source, such as a database, in UTF-8 encoding.
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