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SMS Server

SMS Server supports the following SMPP v3.4 operations:


    The purpose of the SMPP bind operation is to register an instance of an ESME (External Short Messaging Entity) with the SMSC (Short Message Service Center) system and request an SMPP session over this network connection for the submission or delivery of messages.

    The purpose of the SMPP unbind operation is to deregister an instance of an ESME from the SMSC and inform the SMSC that the ESME no longer wishes to use this network connection for the submission or delivery of messages.

    This operation is used by an ESME to submit a short message to the SMSC for onward transmission to a specified short message entity (SME).


    DELIVER_SM is issued by the SMSC to send a message to an ESME. Using this command, the SMSC may route a short message to the ESME for delivery.


    This message can be sent by either the ESME or SMSC and is used to provide a confidence check on the communication path between an ESME and an SMSC.

The protocol referred to in this section is described in Short Message Peer to Peer Protocol Specification v3.4, 12-Oct-1999 Issue 1.2

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