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All CX Contact components are represented as individual microservices, each executed in Docker containers under N+1 horizontal scaling model principles and running behind internal Elastic Load Balancer.

CXC LoadBalancer.png

CX Contact Core Components

The following is an overview of the CX Contact core components:

CX Contact Component Description
List Builder
  • Responsible for importing and exporting contact lists and suppression lists.
  • Works in conjunction with Outbound Database, which stores the contact lists and suppression lists.
  • Works in conjunction with REDIS, which stores suppression entries.
  • Uses compliance data to process records on import.
List Manager
  • Responsible for operations related to lists.
  • Creates contact lists and suppression lists in Configuration Manager.
  • Reads Compliance data from a compliance data provider.
  • Copies files from FTP to NFS for List Builder consumption.
Compliance Manager
  • Responsible for dynamic compliance rules validation.
  • Reads suppression entries from Redis and responds to OCS pre-validation requests.
Campaign Manager
  • Responsible for operations related to campaigns.
  • Executes pre-loading of campaigns. Processing is done in Outbound Database.
Job Scheduler
  • Responsible for creating and invoking jobs at the right time, providing for automation of tasks.
Dial Manager
  • Responsible for managing SMS and email interactions with Genesys Message Aggregation.
API Aggregator
  • This is the entry point of APIs to CX Contact. Ensures APIs stay invariant when internal implementation changes.
User Interface (UI)
  • A set of static HTML5 pages served by Nginx.
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