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Using Docker Compose to Deploy CX Contact

This topic and its related subtopics describe everything you need to know about using Docker Compose to deploy CX Contact.

Before you Begin

  • Prepare a single VM or set of VMs for the CX Contact deployment.
  • Install Docker Engine CE on the VM(s) running RHEL 7.0.
  • Pull CX Contact and GWS Docker images from an FTP directory and import them into an internal Docker registry. Your Genesys representative will provide you with access information to the FTP directory.
  • Install Docker Compose according to the instructions on the Docker documentation site.
  • Obtain Docker-compose files (available for CX Contact and GWS).

Once you've completed these mandatory procedures, return to this manual to learn how to complete an on-premise deployment of CX Contact. Start by reviewing the Prerequisites.

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