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Pulling Repositories from Bintray

Genesys no longer supports Bintray.

Bintray is a fully-fledged repository for your Docker images, and works seamlessly with the Docker client. You must point to your Docker client in Bintray, and issue Docker commands to perform the following operations:

  • Pull — pull an image from a Docker repository in Bintray
  • Search — search for images within a Docker repository in Bintray

After the Docker images are stored in Bintray, you can use the Bintray user interface to browse through them. To obtain code snippets that are formulated for a specific username and repository, use the Set Me Up button.


Some of the terminology used in Docker and Bintray may be the same, but may not have the same meaning.


  • A Docker “tag” translates into a Bintray “version”
  • A Docker “namespace: repository” translates into a Bintray “package”

Configure Docker

Genesys will provide a username and password for Bintray. You can use this username and password to Search and Pull repositories.

Execute Docker Commands in Bintray

You can use Bintray as a Docker registry for Pull and Search operations. The registry URL includes your username (or organization name), and must be in the following format:



  • {subject} — the user or organization name
  • {repo} — the Bintray repository name
  • {namespace}/{docker_repo} — {namespace} is the Docker namespace you have applied. This is used as the prefix for the Bintray package name (Default: library)
  • {namespace}:{docker_repo} — Bintray package
  • {tag} — the Docker tag (Default: latest)


The format for Docker Pull command is:

docker push/pull {subject}-docker-{repo}.bintray.io/[{namespace}/]{docker_repo}[:{version}]


docker pull genesyssoftware-docker-premisetest.bintray.io/genesys/lca

To push to a repository, you must configure Docker with your Bintray credentials. This ensures that only the repository owner can push to it.

When pulling from a Bintray repository, you must configure Docker with your Bintray credentials if you are pulling from a private repository. Pulling from a public repository can be performed anonymously. Therefore, it does not require a corresponding ~/.dockercfg entry.


The format for Docker search command is:

docker search {subject}-docker-{repo}.bintray.io/{search-string}


docker search genesyssoftware-docker-premisetest.bintray.io/genesys

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