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The Genesys Softphone sits on top of the SIP Endpoint SDK for .NET to enable it to take advantage of the SIP-based third-party call control functionality.

The following diagram illustrates the Genesys Softphone architecture:

Genesys Softphone 900 Architecture.png

Features and functionality


Genesys Softphone supports Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) signaling according to the RFC 2833 standard for third-party call control.

After receiving a NOTIFY with DTMF event, the Softphone endpoint generates DTMF signals.

DTMF can be sent by using one of the three possible methods:

Third-party call control

When the Genesys Softphone endpoint has registered on Genesys SIP Server, it will support the following third-party call control scenarios:

SIP Voice

Genesys Softphone supports the following codecs for SIP signaling:


Genesys Softphone supports the following security protocol:

  • TLS v1.2

For more information about security, refer to the Genesys Security Guide


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