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Using IP Phones

This section describes how SIP endpoints, such as IP phones, work with SIP Server in Business Continuity mode.

Supported IP Phones

See the Genesys Supported Media Interface Guide (SMI) document for information on supported SIP phones, including in SIP Business Continuity mode.

Note: Advanced IP phone features, such as Presence and MWI, are not available in SIP Business Continuity mode.

Refer to device-specific documentation for detailed information and instructions for configuring the phone.

Registration Requirements

In a standalone SIP Server configuration with Business Continuity mode activated, agents' phones must be able to register on two sites in one of the following ways:

  • Simultaneously (dual registration)—Register on both peer SIP Servers at the same time.
  • Sequentially (single registration)—Register on the main peer SIP Server first; if that peer SIP Server is down, then register on the secondary peer SIP Server.

There are also specific configuration requirements for SIP endpoints. In the following situations, the dr-forward must be set to oos:

  • When SIP endpoints are configured to register sequentially.
  • When Bria or ALU IP phones are configured.
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