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Genesys Pulse Release Notes

Genesys Pulse is part of 9.x starting in
Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
06/25/18 General X X

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Deployment Procedure

9.0.0 Deployment Procedure

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What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • AlertProcessor, Formula Processor, and StatServer Data Provider can be deployed on Windows.

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

AlertProcessor no longer fails to reconnect to a running Aeron Media Driver. (WBRT-10723)

AlertProcessor now properly handles the null value. Previously, after sending an email with the null value, AlertProcessor stopped sending emails. (WBRT-10722)

Users do not lose active dashboards if any of the management screens are opened before the loading of launched dashboards is completed. (WBRT-10713)

The sorting by statistic with the Status display format in the Grouped Bar view now works properly. (WBRT-10710)

The sorting by Widgets column now works properly in the Widget Management screen. (WBRT-10694)

Advanced alerts with valid conditions assigning a number or string value to the Result variable are saved and processed correctly now. (WBRT-10687)

User with only Pulse View Dashboards and Pulse Manage Tabs privileges can launch, clone, or manage shared dashboards or wallboards. (WBRT-10662)

Improved the tab closing behavior for the Widget Wizard opened from the expanded Widget menu. (WBRT-10646)

It is possible now to edit a template or create a new widget from the template imported from another environment if Genesys Pulse Collectors are assigned manually to the template and the Manual Collector Binding feature is disabled in the target environment. (WBRT-10639)

The login page now shows a message with the reason when a login failure occurs. (WBRT-10626)

The following vulnerabilities are resolved: CVE-2018-7489, CVE-2018-1199, CVE-2017-15095, CVE-2017-7525, CVE-2015-9251, CVE-2015-2156, CVE-2014-3488, CVE-2014-0193, CVE-2014-0107, CVE-2013-4517. (WBRT-10623)

Statistics are always grouped by type on the Time Tracking view. (WBRT-10609)

The value for a statistic with the Status display format is now displayed correctly when Quick updates are enabled in the widget. (WBRT-10599)

Statistics with the Status format are now grouped with the Time format statistics and can be selected with another statistic type at the same time on the Time Tracking view. (WBRT-10568)

The Summary panel in the Widget Management now shows actual object names for the selected Widget. The object, for which users do not have access, are not shown. Previously, the employee ID could be displayed instead of the name for the Agent object; users were able to see all objects regardless of access restrictions. (WBRT-10555)

Statistics with the Status display format appear correctly on the Widget preview with respect to configuration of Agent Status Display Options. (WBRT-10128)

Improved the appearance of decimal values on the vertical axis of the Time Tracking view. (WBRT-10120)

Improved the Grouped Bar view refresh animation behavior. (WBRT-10025)

Downloads for Dashboards, Wallboards, Templates, and Widgets now start automatically in the Safari (Safari version 11.1.1 and newer) browser. (WBRT-8075)

Date and time in the Wallboard, launched to a full screen, are now formatted according to the selected locale. Previously, the selected locale did not affect the date and time formatting. (WBRT-7732)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

Supported Languages

See Release 9.0.0 Translation Support.

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