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Contact Center Advisor and Workforce Advisor is part of 9.x starting in

Contact Center Advisor and Workforce Advisor Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions
10/11/18 General Under Shipping Control

Contact Center Advisor and Workforce Advisor is platform-independent software. You can deploy the installation package on any operating system that Contact Center Advisor and Workforce Advisor supports.

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What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • Automated Contact Center Advisor Rollup Configuration—Starting with this release, Contact Center Advisor contains a default rollup configuration. In new Advisors installations, all base objects to which the Advisors user has access display as already assigned to a default Advisors hierarchy; the CCAdv dashboard starts showing the metadata and the real-time data on the initial start of the application. Previously, all base objects appeared as available for the rollup configuration and the dashboard remained empty until you added a rollup configuration.
  • New Configuration Parameter in the Platform Database—The new CCAdv automated rollup configuration method is turned on by default in installations where the database is newly created using the new database creation scripts. In existing installations, where the database is migrated from a previous version using the migration scripts, this feature is turned off by default. To disable and enable the automated rollup configuration method, use the new ccadv.configuration.method.auto parameter, which is recorded in the Platform database CONFIG_PARAMETER table. Initially the parameter is set to true. When you disable the automated configuration method (change the value for the ccadv.configuration.method.auto parameter to false), all configuration that was previously added automatically is preserved.
    If you disable the automatic configuration method and later enable it again, then all new base objects that are added to Configuration Server following the automated configuration activation, and which are accessible by the Configuration Server user, will be automatically mapped to the default hierarchy.
  • Change to the WA Default Configuration Mode—Starting with this release, the independent configuration mode becomes the new default configuration mode for Workforce Advisor. Previously the integrated configuration mode was deployed as the default mode. The configuration mode determines how the applications and agent groups are mapped to contact groups:
    • In the integrated configuration mode, a CCAdv application and a WA contact group can be mapped to one another only if they are associated with the same aggregation objects. An agent group that is mapped to an application becomes automatically mapped to any contact group that is related to the application.
    • In the independent configuration mode, WA has no mapping restrictions. The agent groups can be mapped directly to the contact groups. Applications can be mapped to contact groups even if they are not present in the CCAdv configuration or when they are mapped to a different aggregation object combination.
  • Changes to Log Files and Storage—The default storage location for log files changes in this release. In addition, the component name is now included in log file names.
    When you install Contact Center Advisor XML Generator, the installation wizard now prompts you to specify the location in which to store log files. Starting with this release, the default locations are:
    • Windows: c:\genesys\log\advisors\
    • Linux: /mnt/log/advisors/
    In addition, CCAdv XML Generator no longer begins a new log file each time it starts. The xmlgen/log4j.xml now controls rotation of the log file, which is consistent with the behavior of other log files written by Advisors components.
    For more information about log files, see Adjust Logging Settings and Configure Administrative Actions Logs in the Genesys Pulse Advisors Deployment Guide.
  • Automatic Historical Data Cleanup—An Advisors database administrator can delete or purge historical data with a scheduled job or a manual operation. The historical data purge process for CCAdv/WA relies on the keyactions.purging.timeframe.months property that is recorded in the Platform database table CONFIG_PARAMETER. The property's value is used to set the age for purging archived historical CCAdv alerts and WA threshold violations.
    Starting with this release, the historical data cleanup process runs automatically on the daily schedule, removing the data based on the age specified by the preceding property. The job log contains the data cleanup results. The new automatic job will not be created in your migrated schema if you have a job already created manually for the same purpose.
    In an MS SQL Server installation, the cleanup is done by XML Generator during the nightly refresh or at XML Generator startup. No SQL Server Agent job is created automatically and there is no check to verify if a manual job exists. You can drop any existing SQL Server Agent job, although it is not necessary to do so because both processes (manual and automatic) will use the same purge parameters.

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

The Y axis in the Metric Graphing window now includes all of the metrics' values regardless of the chart type. Previously, a bar graph might not have displayed correct values for a metric (that is, the metric's highest values) when used in a window that also included a line graph. (CAWU-13179)

The ContactCenterAdvisor.Dashboard.AgentGroupsPane.canView privilege now correctly controls visibility of content in only the Agent Groups pane. Similarly, the WorkforceAdvisor.Dashboard.AgentGroupsPane.canView privilege now controls access to content in only the Agent Groups pane. Previously, the ContactCenterAdvisor.Dashboard.AgentGroupsPane.canView privilege impacted access to content in both the Agent Groups and Applications panes in the Contact Center Advisor dashboard and the WorkforceAdvisor.Dashboard.AgentGroupsPane.canView allowed or denied access to content in both the Agent Groups and the Contact Groups panes. (CAWU-13132)

In the Metric Graphing window, stacked bar graphs now display correctly when one of the selected metrics has no values for the selected time interval. Previously when you selected more than two metrics for display, and one of the selected metrics had no values for the selected time interval, the graph sometimes failed to display any values for any of the selected metrics and an error message appeared. (CAWU-12981)

In the Metric Graphing window, when a graphable metric has no values for charting, then that metric is disabled in the metrics list. This is normal operation. Previously, however, if you had selected an active metric for charting, and that metric eventually had no values, then the metric was disabled in the metrics list and you could not deselect it, which impacted your ability to select other metrics for graphing. That issue is now fixed. Now in this scenario, the Metric Graphing window allows you to deselect the metric with null values from the list of metrics and then it is disabled. (CAWU-12917)

CCAdv XML Generator now reverts its status in the SCS UI from "Service Unavailable" to "Running" once it resumes merging datasets from different time profile groups. Previously it would only revert this status if it was running but not generating and merging data. (CAWU-13178)

The Contact Center Advisor and Workforce Advisor dashboards now correctly show or hide all of the toolbar buttons based on user access permissions. Previously when a user did not have the ContactCenterAdvisor.Dashboard.ColumnChooser.canView or WorkforceAdvisor.Dashboard.ColumnChooser.canView permission, the corresponding dashboard toolbar did not include the Column Chooser button, which was correct behavior, but it also failed to display the channel and time profile filter buttons although the permission setting for Column Chooser should have no effect on other buttons. The toolbar in the Contact Center Advisor and Workforce Advisor dashboards now correctly includes the channel and time profile filter buttons, regardless of the permission setting for Column Chooser visibility. (CAWU-13132, CAWU-13174)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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