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This is the first 9.x release of Advisors Genesys Adapter.

Advisors Genesys Adapter Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Solaris Linux Windows
07/05/18 General Under Shipping Control Platform independent within supported platforms*
*There is one Installation Package (IP) for Advisors. The OS Group identified on your software DVD might be "Windows", but the installation file can be used with a Windows platform or a Linux platform.

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What's New

  • Changes to Requests for Statistics — In Contact Center Advisor/Workforce Advisor, statistics requests for a Genesys application are now sent to Advisors Genesys Adapter (AGA) when the application is assigned to the rollup configuration in the Advisors administration module. Similarly, when you remove an application from the rollup configuration in the administration module, the statistics requests are closed during runtime with the subsequent removal of the real-time data from the database. Statistics are requested for an agent group as soon as the agent group is assigned to a configured application. For information about the closure of agent group statistics, see the Advisors Platform release note.
  • Object Configuration User is No Longer Required — The Object Configuration user is now obsolete; you no longer create this user account. The installation wizards no longer prompt you for the Object Configuration user account name.
  • Load time for Non-agent Objects has been Improved — When XML Generator starts up, there is less of a delay in requesting Contact Center Advisor statistics from the Stat Servers. AGA's process of loading agents from Configuration Server is now asynchronous to the initial request of statistics for objects other than agents, which means that statistics for non-agent objects are requested sooner at startup because there is no need to wait for the agents to be completely loaded.

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

In previous versions of Advisors, in the installation package, the Oracle database folders contained a ReadMe file with information and tips for establishing, maintaining, or migrating the databases. This file is no longer included in the Oracle database folders. All information relevant to these topics is now available in the Advisors documentation. (GEN-3053)

AGA now correctly handles the re-request for statistics during switchovers that are subsequent to the initial AGA switchover from primary to backup. Previously, Stat Server connections were not correctly reopened on subsequent adapter switchovers. (GEN-3052)

AGA can now handle changes to a statistic filter expression, and will request statistics again during the overnight refresh in order to effect changes. (GEN-3044)

AGA now handles misconfiguration of the Solution Control Server (SCS) better than in previous releases, and will report an issue on startup, which it previously did not do. (GEN-3039)

Upgrade Notes

The following information describes changes that affect existing deployments that you will migrate to Advisors release 9.0:

  • In installations with Oracle, the script has changed that grants Select privileges to the Platform user on views contained in the Advisors Genesys Adapter metrics views. For more information, see the Configure Oracle Metrics Data Sources page in the Genesys Performance Management Advisors Deployment Guide.
  • Starting with Advisors release 9.0, the Object Configuration user is no longer required.
  • After applying the migration scripts in an installation that uses the minimum privileges setup, you must apply the minimum privileges procedure again to add privileges for the new and altered objects:
    • In installations with MS SQL Server, a privileged MS SQL Server user must execute the spGrantExecute procedure with the runtime user name as a parameter in each MS SQL Server database.
    • In installations with Oracle, a privileged Oracle user must run the advisors-platform-<version>_UsersAndRoles.sql script.
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