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E-mail Server Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX HP-UX PA HP-UX IPF Linux Solaris Windows
08/21/14 General X X X X

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List of Release Notes

New in This Release

There are no restrictions for this release. This section describes new features that were introduced in this release of E-mail Server Java.

  • Previously, E-mail Server was unable to create an e-mail if the subject was longer than 512 characters. Now if the subject exceeds that limit, it is trimmed to 512 characters. (ESR-8265)
  • E-mail Server no longer tries to endlessly submit the same request to UCS if it receives an error code that is not of retry type (7xx). (ESR-7780)
  • The Server now reports INITIALIZING status instead of START_TRANSITION to Solution Control Server (SCS) when starting. Previously, when START_TRANSITION status was reported, Solution Control Interface would allow a switchover request to be sent while the Server was initializing, and could prevent the Server from starting successfully. (ESR-7740)
  • This release supports Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V. (ESR-7673)
  • This release supports Windows Server 2012 64-bit native. (ESR-7672)
  • When saving an attachment that has no name, E-mail Server now automatically assigns the name "attachment.EXT," where EXT is an extension that is defined according to the attachment's MIME type. If the attachment has no MIME type, the extension is "ukn" for unknown. Previously, E-mail Server would only use the name "attachment," with no extension. (ESR-7570)

Corrections and Modifications

This release also includes the following corrections or modifications:

The UCS installer (which is also used by E-mail Server) is now compatible with UTF8. (ESR-8346)

The Server no longer enters a deadlock situation when the Message Server connection is using TLS and the network, or when the Message Server is slow to establish a connection. Previously, the Server would become deadlocked when connecting to a Message Server that was on a slow network. (ESR-8306)

Sensitive information is no longer displayed in advanced logs from Configuration Server when an application is updated. Previously, sensitive data was displayed in the logs if the log/log4j.logger.com.genesyslab.platform option was set to ALL. (ESR-8168)

Password fields that are defined in configuration options are no longer displayed in debug logs when those fields are created or updated in Configuration Server. (ESR-8144)

If E-mail Server changes its status from primary to backup, then to primary again, there is no longer an issue with retrieving e-mail for the pop-client account. Previously, this issue required E-mail Server to be restarted. (ESR-7914)

When both adding and updating configuration options, all changes take effect. Previously, only the added option(s) took effect. (ESR-7815)

There is no longer a deadlock situation when the Server is connected to Message Server with a TLS connection and a custom PSDK logger is set to "all" (log/log4j.logger.com.genesyslab.platform=all). (ESR-7797)

The Server no longer enters a deadlock situation when a new log file is created. (ESR-7786)

The Server no longer fails to load a large configuration (30k persons) over a slow network if using a low ADDP timeout value (such as 8 seconds) to connect to Configuration Server. (ESR-7700)

When reconnecting to another server, the "Reconnecting" warm standby log now always displays the correct application name. (ESR-7634)

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