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Voice Platform Media Control Platform Release Notes

Voice Platform Media Control Platform is part of 9.x starting in
Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
12/16/19 General X X

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What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • MCP now supports:
    • HTTPS schema for MSML HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) and the gvp:precheck attribute of MSML play. (GVP-40324)
    • Voice name and gender expressions in the SSML <voice> tag. (GVP-39831)

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

The parameter [mpc] cpa.mintime_after_tone now enables you to configure the wait time following a tone detection in the pre-connect stage of Call Progress Analysis (CPA) before confirming the tone. This value was previously hardcoded to 200 ms and is now the current default value. The allowed range is 40 - 400 ms, inclusive. This value might need to be set lower, for example 100 ms, if the connect event comes in immediately after the Special Information Tone (SIT). (GVP-40167)

MCP no longer terminates unexpectedly when self-referenced Date objects are passed and returned from subdialog. For example:

Main dialog:
vnow = new Date();
myObj = {vnow:vnow, vnow1:vnow};
<subdialog name="sub" src="subdialog.vxml">
<param name="param_myObj" expr="myObj" />

Subdialog - return the obj:
<return namelist="myObj" />


MCP now throws a semantic error if the value of the attribute srcexpr in <grammar> is empty. (GVP-40002)

MCP no longer terminates unexpectedly when shutdown is triggered and some recording post requests are still pending. (GVP-39919)

CPA carrier message (CM) detection now gets restarted when it fails, for example, due to ringback or another tone preceding the carrier message. Previously, CM detection did not occur when it failed due to such a preceding tone. (GVP-39667)

MCP no longer terminates unexpectedly when a VIP (Virtual IP) is used for multiple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) servers and the VIP is switched from one server to another. (GVP-39562)

Buffered DTMF digits are no longer discarded when hitting a VoiceXML input item, if the <mark> tag happens to be the first one in the prompt list. Previously, they were incorrectly discarded in such a scenario. (GVP-39499)

VRM recorder codec preference is now set to local. This is necessary for the recorder audio streams to work as expected when the codec order changes in the recorder's initial SDP response. Previously, with the remote preference, streaming would fail in this scenario.

There is no reason to use the remote preference, given that transcoding for recorder streams is not supported.

The configuration parameter [mpc] vrmrecorder.codec has been added to the MCP XML. This parameter is used to restrict the codecs supported on the recorder legs to avoid the issue caused when the codec order changes in the recorder's SIP re-INVITE. If the recorder changes the codec order, and its preferred codec is also in vrmrecorder.codec, then streaming to the recorder fails. By removing the recorder's preferred codec from vrmrecorder.codec, this issue is avoided. (GVP-38606)

MCP no longer generates an error when the RTP sequence number overflows to 0. (GVP-37627)

MCP no longer terminates unexpectedly at shutdown in SNMP agent. (GVP-19090)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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