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This is the first release of Frontline Advisor as part of 9.0.

Frontline Advisor Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Solaris Linux Windows
07/05/18 General Under Shipping Control Platform independent within supported platforms*
*There is one Installation Package (IP) for Advisors. The OS Group identified on your software DVD might be "Windows", but the installation file can be used with a Windows platform or a Linux platform.

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What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • Support for Mobile Devices — You can now view the Frontline Advisors dashboard using your mobile device. You can view the full Advisors desktop dashboard on your mobile device, if necessary, but the dashboards are available as an optimized view that is intended specifically for mobile device users. The Frontline Advisor mobile view gives you access to the desktop dashboard's Hierarchy pane.
  • Reason Code for Non-voice Only Agents — Frontline Advisor now reports the reason code for non-voice only agents when used in a deployment with Stat Server release
  • Dashboard usability enhancements — The following enhancements have been made to the Frontline Advisor dashboard:
    • The order in which channel filters (Voice, Web Chat, E-Mail, and All) display in Column Chooser and on the dashboard is now consistent across the applications.
    • Tooltips are easier to read.
    • For increased visibility, the highlighting on a row that you have selected in a pane is now dark blue.
    • To improve legibility, the tooltip associated with Agent Skills values on the Team pane now displays skills as a list, in cases where an agent has multiple skills.

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

The objects displayed on the Frontline Advisor Hierarchy pane are now sorted alphabetically within each node of the hierarchy. Previously, there was no apparent sort order. (GFA-4987)

The Frontline Advisor Team pane is now automatically updated when a team's structure is altered in the Configuration Server (agents are added or removed). Previously, the removal or addition of agents within a team might not be reflected on the Team pane if the team configuration changed while you were viewing that team. (GFA-4981)

Upgrade Notes

The following information describes changes that affect existing deployments that you will migrate to Advisors release 9.0:

  • In installations with Oracle, the script has changed that grants Select privileges to the Platform user on views contained in the Advisors Genesys Adapter metrics views. For more information, see the Configure Oracle Metrics Data Sources page in the Genesys Performance Management Advisors Deployment Guide.
  • After applying the migration scripts in an installation that uses the minimum privileges setup, you must apply the minimum privileges procedure again to add privileges for the new and altered objects:
    • In installations with MS SQL Server, a privileged MS SQL Server user must execute the spGrantExecute procedure with the runtime user name as a parameter in each MS SQL Server database.
    • In installations with Oracle, a privileged Oracle user must run the advisors-platform-<version>_UsersAndRoles.sql script.
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