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Voice Platform Resource Manager Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX HP-UX PA HP-UX IPF Linux Solaris Windows
12/18/14 General X X

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New in This Release

There are no restrictions for this release. This section describes new features that were introduced in this release of Voice Platform Resource Manager.

  • Resource Manager supports Windows 2012 64-bit, in Active-Standby High Availability configurations.

Corrections and Modifications

This release also includes the following corrections or modifications:

Resource Manager now correctly reports peak data for an IVR profile, even if the same IVR profile name is used by multiple tenants. Previously, if the same IVR profile name existed in more than one tenant, the peak data reported by RM for those IVR profiles was incorrect. (GVP-21951)

Now Resource Manager can be stopped gracefully, even when a Reporting Client is blocked from sending data to Reporting Server. (GVP-21941)

Resource Manager now sends the CANCEL request using the same transport that was used to send the INVITE request. (GVP-21869)

Resource Manager no longer terminates in this scenario: RM receives incorrect resource status replication information from the other node, for a resource that is monitored by itself. (GVP-21861)

Resource Manager now correctly changes the CSeq number to 1 once it reaches the maximum of 2147483647. Previously, RM began sending a negative CSeq number when the CSeq went above 2147483647. (GVP-21834)

The first SNMP GET to the Resource Manager now succeeds—it no longer times out. (GVP-21746)

Resource Manager no longer becomes unresponsive when DNS SRV resolution is enabled. (GVP-21744)

To address a security vulnerability, the version of OpenSSL library used by Resource Manager was updated to 0.9.8zb, from the previous version (0.9.8q). (GVP-21725)

The SIP stack is now able to send its first message on the TCP/TLS connection. Previously, the SIP stack sometimes failed to send the first message properly. (GVP-21700)

Resource Manager no longer terminates unexpectedly (i.e., not "gracefully") if calls remain active during shutdown. (GVP-21516)

A Resource Manager in a high-availability active-active configuration no longer responds to OPTIONS pings with a 503 error when a node with higher priority comes online. Previously, during the brief time that this behavior lasted, SIP Server did not direct calls to that RM. (GVP-19668)

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