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Working with the Alerts Pane

You can view alerts, and summary information about each alert, in the Alerts pane.

Threshold violation alerts are business alerts that occur when violations, based on metric threshold rules, persist for a configured amount of time. In other words, a metric value that violates a threshold must remain above or below the threshold for a set amount of time (for example, 15 minutes) before the violation creates an alert. Threshold violation alerts display in both Contact Center Advisor (CCAdv) and Workforce Advisor (WA).

Manual alerts are created by an administrator and can be either business alerts or technical alerts. Manual alerts display in both CCAdv and WA.

Unlike metric threshold violation alerts, the manual alerts display immediately.

Alerts Pane

In the Alerts pane, views and functionality are common to both CCAdv and WA.

The Alerts pane organizes alerts information in a standard format, and has filter and search mechanisms to help you to find the information you need about alerts quickly. It lists alerts of all kinds.

  • On the CCAdv dashboard, the Alerts pane displays threshold violation alerts for application metrics and manual alerts.
  • On the WA dashboard, the Alerts pane displays threshold violation alerts for contact groups and manual alerts. See also Alerts Pane Attributes.

To navigate the Alerts pane views and change the display of data, see the following topics:

The same thresholds are applied to the values of a metric no matter its time profile. However, the alerts in the Alerts pane are created only by violations on values of the metric in the Short time profile group, not the Medium or Long time profile group.
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