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Personal Development Review

The PDR page allows you to manage your Personal Development Review (PDR), including creating objectives, adding objective comments and uploading evidence files for objectives.

The PDR page is accessible from the User section of the navigation menu. This page will be divided into multiple tabs with different labels depending on how your company has set up the PDR process. Each tab includes a description of the PDR section and includes a button to add a new objective.

To create a new objective, navigate to the PDR page and select one of the tabs at the top of the page then click the Add Objective button. Next, specify the objective name (optional), objective detail, how will this be achieved, and the target type (either goal or measure).

Goal targets require that you specify entries in the following fields:

  • What will be measured
  • What is the target
  • Target date

If you create a measured target, the following fields will be required:

  • DNA/KPI (via the ‘What will be measured’ drop-down box)
  • What is the target (this must be a numeric value)
  • Target date

You may be required to provide multiple targets for the objective, e.g. target, stretch and super-stretch, depending on how your company have defined the PDR process.

Once you’ve entered the required information, click the Save Your Progress button to save the new objective. To delete a saved objective, navigate to the tab that includes the objective, then click the ‘X’ icon next to the objective name at the top of the page.

Once you’ve proposed an objective/objectives to your manager, you will no longer be able to delete them. Your manager will be able to delete or approve them.

Once you’re happy with your objectives, click the Propose Objectives button. This will change the state of all new objectives to ‘pending approval’. They will then become visible to your manager who will review them and either approve or delete them.

If the manager approves your objectives, they will become visible again in the PDR page and you will be able to add comments and upload evidence file to prove that you have completed the objective. These two options will appear at the bottom of the objective display in the PDR page.

The Comments tab at the top-right of the page also allows you to submit a comment to your manager regarding your PDR.

You can always return to the PDR page to add more objectives. Each time you add and submit objectives to your PDR, your manager will review the objectives and decide whether to edit and approve or delete them. Your manager will also have access to the PDR comments and file uploads and will be able to review the target level achieved for each PDR objective.

PDR Evidence

On the PDR Dashboard, once an objective has been approved, the employee and manager can then upload evidence:

  1. Click "Choose File" at the bottom of the page to first select the file and add a description,
  2. Click "+" next to the description box and the file will begin uploading.

Files already uploaded, if any, will be displayed below the upload file area.

When the objective is complete, it is no longer possible to submit evidence. However, the objective can have its competed status reversed such that it is no longer complete, and evidence can then be uploaded again.

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