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DNA is where key business data, for example, quality monitoring, sales and revenue, customer satisfaction etc., has been used in creating a job role profile and the data is weighted in order of importance to the business.

This allows visibility of where there is a potential training requirement or where performance has exceeded expectation.

There may also be the opportunity for self-learning by assigning learning items to enhance performance based on the results achieved. As a manager you will have visibility of these performance results for your team and be able to assign learning items if required to individual team members.

The My DNA page allows users to view their current scores for all assigned Strands. The data visualization supports drill-down.

Pdna selecting date range 900.png

The data is shown for the selected date range, which defaults to the last week.

The performance data is displayed as a series of partition charts with the user’s assigned Strands at the top level.

Pdna dna strands 900.png

Clicking on the different parts of the Strands will zoom to that node and allow deeper structures to be explored. The colours used are taken from the defined Thresholds.

The values shown are the raw scores for the current user aggregated over the selected date window.

Pdna data warnings 900.png

Should there be any issues with the date returned these will be shown in expandable summaries above each Strand.

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