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Version Tested: Outbound Contact Server 8.1.509.05 (HTTP Requests)

The test demonstrated a stable and proper working order of all listed products under the soft test conditions (modules not restarted; configuration parameters chosen correctly).

Test Conditions

  • One campaign with three agent groups was created.
  • Each group had 1,000 agents and used its own site.
  • The campaign used calling lists with 100,000 records. Chan = 3 records.
  • Calling list = List_81_SCXML.
  • Each campaign worked until there were undialed records in the calling list.
  • Agents had 60 seconds AverageTalkTime.
  • All other settings were default. Logging verbosity was set to standard.
  • Number of ports was unlimited.

Environment Version Computers
Outbound Contact Server 8.1.501.05 64b test53
Outbound Contact Manager test26
StatServer test26
Tserver G3 test26
DBServer test24
iMeter 3.3 apodkolz
Configuration server 8.1.300.03 test24:5070 (DB81_ORS)
Calling List Data Base MS SQL 2000 test24: DB81_cfg
Calling List Data Base MS SQL 2005 DT-10: DB81_cfg


CPU % ~1%
Memory ~191 MB GB
Throughput ~6.3 updates/sec


  • OCS can process ~6.3 HTTP requests/sec (DoNotCall request)
    • Test condition: Data Base average CPU% usage has to be less than 100%
  • OCS performance in these tests depends on Data Base performance.
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