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Document Change History

As described in the ORS 8.1.4 Release Note, the following topics are new or have been updated.


The ORS REST API POST method for starting a new SCXML session now supports application/json as a new value for Content-Type.


ORS now supports URIs of lengths up to 4,094 bytes. Previously, ORS truncated URLs longer than 2,048 bytes upon execution of the <session:fetch> action with the HTTP GET method.


This release introduces a new function, which allows you to retrieve the Orchestration Server version. _genesys.session.getServerVersion
Parameters: None
Return value type: STRING (version of Orchestration Server)


This release introduces a new detach attribute for the <ixn:redirect> action. Please see the release note for more information.


Previously, ORS allowed the function _genesys.session.setOptions to override only eight options. This restriction is now removed.


If Transaction List item attributes are stored in non-string format and the _genesys.session.getListItemValue(list, item, key) function retrieves the value of a particular key , it is returned as string. Previously, in this scenario, the _genesys.session.getListItemValue() function ignored non-string attributes.

Also, if _genesys.session.getListItemValue() is called with two arguments or with ‘*’ as a third argument, the returned object will also include attributes whose values are empty strings. Previously, in ORS version 8.1.300.29, a minor defect was introduced, and attributes with empty values were not included in the returned object, when _genesys.session.getListItemValue() retrieved the Transaction List directly via ORS.

To provide a reason for a session not being able to control a session that it owns, this release adds a new resultof property to the interaction.notcontrolled event.


A new “urs” method is added to the session:fetch Action Element. It simplifies usage of Universal Routing Server functions, previously available for Orchestration Server only via the Universal Routing Server Web interface. See <fetch> under the Action Elements section.

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