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Create Call

The following SCXML strategy shows how to create a voice call with extension hints.

<scxml version="1.0" xmlns="" 
    <data ID="reqid"/>
    <data ID="ixnid"/>
    <data ID="time_delay" expr="'2s'" />
  <state id="initial">
    <transition event="interaction.added" target="calling"/>
  <state id="calling">
      <log expr="'Calling ...'" />
      <ixn:createcall requestid="_data.reqid" type="regular" from="'701'" to="'702'" udata="({key_1:10*10, key_2:20*20, key_3:30*30})" hints="({extensions:{key_1:100*100, key_2:200*200, key_3:300*300}})" />
    <transition event="error.voice.createcall" cond=" == _data.reqid" target="error">
      <log expr="'Got createcall error:'" />
      <log expr="uneval( _event )" />
    <transition event="voice.createcall.done" cond=" == _data.reqid" target="delay">
      <log expr="'Got createcall confirmation:'"/>
      <log expr="'event name = ' +" />
        _data.ixnid =;
  <state id="delay">
      <log expr="'======== Inside Delay ========'"/>
      <send event="'SynchroEvent'" delay="_data.time_delay"/>
    <transition event="SynchroEvent" target="acceptcall" />
  <state id="acceptcall">
      <ixn:accept requestid="_data.reqid" interactionid="_data.ixnid" resource="'702'" />
    <transition event="error.interaction.accept" target="error" />
    <transition event="interaction.accept.done" cond=" == _data.reqid" target="exit" />
  <final id="exit"/>
  <final id="error"/>
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