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Starting LRM

When the installation of LRM has been verified, and the LRM databases have been initialized, you can start LRM by using Solution Control Interface (SCI). This is the recommended method. You can also use a manual procedure to start LRM.

Starting LRM from SCI

  1. To be able to run LRM by using SCI, the following parameters must be configured in the LRM application on the Start Info tab:
    • Add lrm_startup.sh (Linux) or startserver.bat (Windows) in the Command Line field.
    • Confirm the Command Line Argument field contains the correct values for the Configuration Server to which LRM is connected:
      -host [CcnfServ host] -port [CcnfServ port] -app [LRM app]
  2. On the list pane in the SCI Applications view, select your LRM Application object.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • On the toolbar, click the Start button.
    • From the Action menu, select Start.
    • Right-click the Application object to access the shortcut menu and select Start.

Starting LRM Manually on Linux

  1. Use the console window to browse to the directory in which you installed LRM.
  2. Type the following command-line parameters:
    ./lrm_startup.sh -host <Configuration Server host> -port <Configuration Server port> -app <LRM Application>

Starting LRM on Windows from the Programs Menu

  1. Select LRM from the Start > Programs menu.

Starting LRM on Windows from the Console Window

  1. Open a console window.
  2. Go to the directory in which you installed LRM.
  3. Type the following command-line parameters:
    startserver.bat -host <Configuration Server host> -port <Configuration Server port> -app <LRM Application>

Note: If the host name or application name contains spaces or hyphens (-), enclose them in double quotation marks.

For example, to start LRM with command-line parameters that specify the host as cs-host, the port as 2020, and the name as LRM 03, enter the following:

startserver.bat -host "cs-host" -port 2020 -app "LRM 03"

Starting LRM as a Windows Service

On Microsoft Windows platforms, by default, the installation process installs License Reporting Manager as a Windows Service. If you stopped LRM from running as a Windows Service and need to start it again as a Windows Service, complete the following steps.

  1. Open the Windows Control Panel, and then double-click Services. The Services dialog box opens.
  2. In the Services list box, select your LRM service, and then click Start. (If you disabled LRM from operating as a Windows Service, the Start option for this application will not be available.)

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