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Agent Groups and Place Groups Calculations

LRM provides the following reporting of Agent groups and Place groups usage:

  • Date/Time
  • Agent Group
  • Number of agents configured in an agent group (enabled agents)
  • Concurrent Seat usage by agents in an agent group
The data collected enables trending reports over time:
  • Groups Detailed Seat Usage
  • Groups Daily Seat Usage
  • Groups Weekly Seat Usage
  • Groups Monthly Seat Usage
LRM provides group details by sellable item. This requires that for agent group reports, reporting by individual sellable items (from a menu) may be selected, as with other usage reports.

The agentgroup_enabled configuration option enables agent group reporting and the placegroup_enabled configuration option enables place group reporting. Both are disabled by default. These options must be enabled for LRM to retrieve group data during the nightly statistics job and perform the usage calculation. See Configuration Options for details.

Bundles are not supported for agent groups or place groups.

Enabled Seat Count

LRM stores the enabled seat count for each sellable item at 10-minute intervals for each configured agent group and place group. LRM calculates the enabled seat count in the group by counting the number of agents or places configured for the group and stores the result in a temporary table.

Concurrent Seat Count

During the LRM nightly statistics job, LRM retrieves data from ICON to calculate and store the concurrent seat usage for each Agent Group and Place Group. The per-minute concurrent seat usage is created and stored for each day for the sellable item for each group.

When calculating the concurrent seat count, LRM uses the latest collected place and agent group membership information at the time of calculation for the report day.

For example, if the LRM server is running without interruption and you calculate the concurrent seat count, the group membership information from the end of day is used for the calculation. If the group membership configuration changes between the time the agent logs in and the concurrent seat calculation time (end of the day), LRM may not calculate an accurate place and agent group concurrent seat usage based on the group membership configuration at the time of the agent login.

Supported Sellable Items

LRM supports the following set of sellable items for Agent groups and Place groups:

  • genesys_inbound_voice
  • sip_server
  • genesys_outbound_contact_ms
  • genesys_email
  • genesys_web_media
  • third_party_work_items
  • genesys_cim_platform_ss
  • genesys_cim_platform_ms
  • genesys_network_voice
  • cti
  • genesys_workforce_management
  • skills_based_routing
  • genesys_agent_desktop
  • genesys_supervisor_desktop
  • genesys_interaction_workspace
  • high_availability
  • genesys_info_mart_server
  • genesys_interactive_insights
  • genesys_social_engagement

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