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Changing an Existing Bundle Set

To change an existing bundle set, deactivate the old bundle set and then create a new one.

  1. Deactivate the bundle set from a specific date.
  2. Create a new bundle set and confirm you set the valid_to date of the newly created bundle is set to the day after the deactivation date in the previous step.
  3. Change both of the IDs of the bundle sets and the IDs of all the bundles within those sets.
  4. Upload the new bundle file using the GAX wizard.

Previous definitions of the bundles should be kept in the LRM database and Configuration Server in case you need run reports for past dates. The bundle definitions are required to create the report files.

The information from the Bundle File is imported into the Configuration Server and the changed user-defined bundle is updated in your system. From this point, the bundle set is updated with your changes for calculations and reports.

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