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LRM 812 arch.png

Any additional functionality not shown in the above diagram is designed to support ease of installation.

The following contains a brief description of functions of components in the above diagram:

  • Genesys Servers: These are the servers running Genesys software, which perform the functions required by the customer. LRM measures the usage of these servers. Examples of these servers are T-Server, SIP-Server, Interaction Server, and GVP Media Control Platform.
  • ICON: ICON collects run-time information from Genesys Servers and store the information in the ICON Databases (ICON DB). LRM retrieves data from the ICON DB to performs calculations for the concurrent peaks of various sellable items. ICON does not have to be running for LRM to retrieve data from the ICON DB. LRM supports ICON servers in high availability without counting duplicate records which exist in more than one ICON server.
  • GVP Reporting Server: LRM collects HTTP reports from the GVP Reporting Server (RS) to obtain concurrent peaks for GVP-related sellable items. GVP RS performs the concurrent peak calculations that are required by LRM. LRM collects and stores these results in the LRM DB. GVP RS must be running to enable LRM to collect data. LRM supports the primary/backup setup of the GVP Reporting Server, and GVP Reporting Server which is set up with HTTP basic authentication.
LRM supports only one instance of GVP Reporting Server in this release (except as primary/backup), because of the inability to aggregate system-wide usage across multiple Reporting Servers.
  • GAX: GAX performs multiple functions for LRM
    • Installs and configures ICON and LRM using a wizard for ease of installation
    • Displays reports to the user, by retrieving data from the LRM via the HTTP Web Services API.
    • Provides custom screens to allow provisioning of tenant usage limits
    • Provides custom screens to upload files representing system entitlements and bundle definitions.
  • GA: LRM uses Genesys Administrator (GA) to perform general Genesys OA&M functionality, such as:
    • Manual starting LRM
    • Monitoring and display of alarms generated from LRM

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