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Using the ACME Sample Application 8.5

This document describes how to install, configure, and use the sample application (ACME) provided with iWD 8.5. The web page from where you have downloaded these instructions also includes some additional sample XML files and a couple of updated files to optionally use for the sample ACME web site. These instructions assume you are using the latest version of ACME that is provided with iWD Manager 8.5.0 or later.

These procedures assume that you have successfully completed at least the steps described in the Installation chapter of the iWD 8.5 Deployment Guide, including the installation and configuration of the Genesys Rules System (GRS). At the end of that chapter, if you deploy your Solution, you should see on the iWD Services screen that all the services have started up, with no error messages appearing. You should also be able to launch the Genesys Rules Development Tool (GRDT) and successfully access your GRS rules repository, and successfully launch the Genesys Rules Authoring Tool (GRAT) as well.

The ACME sample configuration itself consists of three files, all of which are provided on the iWD DVD:

  • acme.xml—This file will be imported into the iWD configuration database through iWD migration tool . It will create a new Solution (ACME) that includes the technical configuration (iWD services) as well as the business structure (iWD Solution, Departments, and Processes).
  • acme_grat.xml—This file will be imported into your Genesys Rules System rules repository through GRAT and contains the business rules for the ACME sample
  • iWD_ACME_Rules—This is an Eclipse rule template project that you will import into the GRDT workspace, and then publish to the GRS repository.

In order to use the ACME sample configuration, you should import it into its own iWD managed tenant. You can link this iWD managed tenant to an existing tenant in your Configuration Server environment, so you don't have to replicate all the iWD-related applications in Configuration Server to use for the ACME sample (such as Interaction Server and its associated databases). You can reuse the same iWD Manager and iWD Runtime Node applications you have already have.

The ACME sample application is just that—a sample. It is provided as a way for users to familiarize themselves with a working example of iWD configuration and business rules. Because it is a sample, it is not supported by Genesys Customer Care. Although it has undergone basic testing, you may find errors or omissions as you work through the examples.
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