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Submit Tasks Through the ACME Web Site

One way to create sample tasks to see iWD in action is to create them through the ACME web site. This assumes that you have followed the instructions Configuring the ACME sample web application.

Prior to submitting the tasks, make sure:

  • Your application server is started.
  • iWD services under the ACME Solution are deployed and running.
  • Genesys Configuration Server, Interaction Server, and Universal Routing Server are started.
  • The IWDBP business process is present in your configuration and all the routing strategies in IWDBP are activated.
  1. Launch the ACME web site. Make sure your web server is running, and then navigate to http://localhost/acme/
  2. Select a country from the main page. It does not matter which country you select. There are several different Web forms from which you can select. Each one will create a task in iWD that will be handled slightly differently, based on the business rules configured as part of the ACME sample. Here are the different forms you can submit, and how to navigate to them: Form name How to navigate to the form on the ACME Web site Information Request Form From the Contact Us link on the main ACME page Service Request Form From the Contact Us link on the main ACME page Catalog Request Form From the Products link on the main ACME page Callback From the Products link on the main ACME page In addition, there are three other forms you can submit, if you log into the ACME site using a customer username and password. Acceptable username password combinations are: Username Password john_doe qwerty jane_doe password jim_smith jimmy jane_smyth smyth james_macdonald jamesmac This will allow you to access these additional forms: Form name How to navigate to the form on the ACME Web site Complaint Form Acme Co. Customer Menu Address Change Form Acme Co. Customer Menu Order Form Acme Co. Customer Menu
  3. If your iWD services, Interaction Server, and URS are running, you will note a confirmation ID on the screen after you submit each of these web forms. The confirmation ID will equate to the Capture ID of the task.
  4. If it's not already running, launch iWD Manager. Navigate to the Global Task List from the navigation menu. Select a node in the Global Task List navigation tree to see the tasks at that node. For example, you can select the ACME Solution node to see all the tasks at the Solution level. You can also select a particular Department or Process to see the tasks at that level of the business hierarchy. The navigation tree also has nodes for each Capture Point service you have running, so these tasks would appear under the Web Service Capture Point node.
  5. At this point, if you have Genesys Agent Desktop, Interaction Workspace, or some other agent desktop configured, you can log in any agent who belongs to the IWD agent group, and accept a task in queue. Otherwise, you can manually cancel any task through the Global Task List. Otherwise, it will remain in Queued status indefinitely. Most of the tasks have business rules configured that include reprioritization. This means that if you wait long enough, you will see the Priority of that task increase.
  6. You can select a task in the Global Task List and review both the Attributes tab, which will show you all the attributes (key-value pairs) of the task, as well as the History tab, which will provide an audit trail of everything that has happened to the task since it was captured.
  7. You may want to review the business rules behind the ACME sample. See the section Description of the ACME business configuration below.
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