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Import the ACME Rules Package in Genesys Rules Authoring Tool

  1. Launch the Genesys Rules Authoring Tool (GRAT)
  2. Select your tenant. Expand the ACME Solution node in the navigation tree and select the New Rule Package link.
  3. Click the Import Rule Package button. Navigate to the location on your file system where the acme_grat.xml file is stored. This file is located in the directory …\acme\config\ that was created when you installed the iWD Manager installation package. On the Import Rule Package dialog, fill in the missing properties:
    • Business NameACME_Rules
    • Package Nameacme
    • Do not check the Auto-save each rule checkbox
    Clicking Import will then import the ACME sample business rule package into your environment.
  4. Select your new rule package in the GRAT navigation tree. Update the rule templates associated with the rule package by first unchecking the version of iWD_ACME_Rules that is currently checked, and then checking the latest versions of the iWD_Standard_Rules and iWD_ACME_Rules.
    Exporting and Importing rule packages is meant to be done in conjunction with exporting/importing rule templates. That is, a rule package contains a reference to the rule template(s) that were used to build the package and thus the supported process is to build a rule package from one or more templates and then export/import them together. The ACME sample rule package does not follow this standard process because it is being provided by Genesys. It was based on the same iWD_ACME_Rules template that is included with iWD Manager, but it is nevertheless important to understand that under normal operating procedures you would not import a rule package without having access to the exact version of the rule template(s) that were used to build the package.
  5. Navigate to each rule to review and validate the rule. There are rules at the rule package level (which you can view by clicking on the Rules tab while the rule package is selected in the navigation tree), at the Finance Department level, at the Sales Department level, and at the Order level, which is a Process under the Sales Department. There is a Validate option in the drop-down list in the lower-left corner of the Rules tab, which you can select after selecting a particular rule.
  6. Deploy the ACME rule package by clicking on the Deploy Rules node in the navigation tree and clicking the Deploy Now button.
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