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Configuring Interaction Custom Properties

The Configure Interaction Custom Properties feature supports iWD by:

  • Adding the necessary columns to tables in the Interaction Server and Interaction Server Event Log databases to support iWD.
  • Creating new iWD-related Interaction Custom Properties, which are a type of Business Attribute, in the Genesys configuration database.
  • Creating some options for the Interaction Server Event Log Database Access Point that are necessary to support iWD.
  • Adding iWD_Completed (IRD) or iwd_bp_comp.Main.iWD_Completed (Composer) or a customized business process queue name for completed tasks to the Interaction Server configuration.

If any of these updates was not previously done, clicking on the Configure Ixn Custom Properties node will display an on-screen message, informing you of the missing attributes or outdated database versions.

At this point, click on the Configure Ixn Custom Properties button to execute the configuration. A message will be displayed in the Messages pane when the configuration has completed. A restart of Interaction Server is required if any configuration changes were made.

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