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Testing the Playground Application

To give you a better idea of how to use the Playground application, let's walk through an example of building a "keyword search" scenario.

Test Scenario Steps

Here are the steps in our scenario:

  1. An anonymous user visits the site.
  2. The user enters a search term, "contract", in the search box.
  3. The user browses the search results.
  4. A chat invitation window appears.
  5. The user accepts the invitation.
  6. The user fills out the registration form and submits it.
  7. The user chats with an agent.
  8. The agent sees pages the user visited.
  9. The agent sends the user a link to a page of interest.
  10. The user exits the chat session.

Test Scenario Preparation

Here are the steps to complete before we can walk through our test scenario. Note that for steps 1 through 6, you do not need to take any action if you are using the Playground application, as these items are covered out of the box.

  1. Customize the DSL file with the InTool application.
  2. Create categories using the GWE Management interface.
  3. Configure Genesys Rules System
  4. Prepare the CEP Rule Templates.
  5. Create business rules in Genesys Rules Authoring Tool.
  6. Deploy rules to the Genesys Web Engagement Environment.
  7. Deploy the Playground application.
  8. Make sure the components in your Genesys environment are running.
  9. Start the Web Engagement servers.
  10. Confirm that the test scenario is a success by walking through the Test Scenario Steps.

Other Test Scenarios

You can use the Playground application to complete the following test scenarios:

  • Entrance to a specific page (Singleton)
  • Inactivity timeout for the user (Singleton)
  • Select an element on the page (Singleton)
  • Search
  • Get information about user
  • Successful completion of the wizard (Sequence)
  • Go to the previous page of the wizard (Sequence)
  • Repeated input on the same page (Counter)
  • Send custom event
  • Changing the type of invitation depending on the status of the user (gold, platinum)
  • Filling out the form (Sequence)
  • Display advertisement (Sequence)
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